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General Information About Dash Cam

Dashboard Camera, or Dash Cam, is an onboard camera that is used to continuously record the view from one’s windscreen in the car. There are three types of Dash Cams: only front view, second front and back view and lastly cabin view. The front view and front and back view dash camera find their application in providing video proofs in cases of accidents while the cabin view, is typically used in a taxi.

General Information

Why Dash Cam and not just a Video Recorder

The first question that would strike a buyer’s mind is that why would he go for a dash cam instead of an ordinary video recorder. Well, the answer is very simple. Firstly, unlike a video recorder, the dashcam requires very little attention once it has been installed. As a result, the driver can focus on driving instead of focusing on his camera. Secondly, while using a video recorder, there is alway the prnxnxxhjdhdhdhoblem of the memory space being used up. However, that is not the case with dash cams. They split the video into small chunks of 1 or 2 mins, and when the memory gets full, it automatically deletes the oldest file, thus making room for the new file. It is important to note however that important files can always be locked and protected from being deleted.

How to install a Dash Cam

A dash cam comes in a compact shape with a twist-to-grip suction mount and a long cigarette lighter charger which makes it very easy to attach or detach from the windscreen.

Is a Dash Cam easy to use

Plugging in the vehicle automatically triggers the dash cam’s recording so as to ensure that there is a minimum delay. The four buttons below the 2-inch screen help in easy navigation through the menu.

What are its Functions

The video recordings from a dash cam come with a date and time stamp and there is also the G-sensor sensitivity.

What is the video/audio quality

The video of a dash cam is not something extraordinary. It screens the videos at 720p, and it has an average view angle of 120 degrees. Despite these drawbacks, it captures 30 frames per second, and it also captures low light footage well. There have been no complaints against the clear audio of a dash cam.

What is the most basic price for a Dash Cam

The price of the dash cam starts from 60 dollars and can go as high as 300 dollars. The cost mostly depends on what features one wants.

Final Verdict

Such compactness alongnxhjdhjdhdhjdh with excellent audio coverage and good quality footage, the affordable price and the benefits of owning one makes the dash cam a very necessary device for car owners.