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Getting The Best Of Auto Reversing Cameras

The need for reversing cameras arose when extra large container tow trucks, oil tankers and passenger buses got on the streets. This was because it was impossible for the drivers of these large vehicles to be able to see what was behind them as they reversed. This did not only make reversing a difficult task for the drivers, but it also posed a great threat to the lives and property of other people.

Hence the reversing camera system evolved. Using this mechanism the drivers of these large sized vehicles could get a better view of the rear. This allowed them to back up with confidence while ensuring that they do not damage their vehicles or other people.


5ddddIn recent years the concept of reversing cameras has gained immense popularity. You will find many new cars to come with built in reversing cameras that provide the driver with considerable ease and convenience when it comes reversing and parking. The reversing camera has thus become an add-on feature that adds value to the car.
For those car owners that not have built in reversing camera systems installed they can purchase factory made reversing camera systems to incorporate in their cars no matter how old their car is.

Whether you drive a mini van or a beat up Nissan you can reap the benefits of reversing cameras that are today easily available in the market.


The quality of the footage depends on the standard of the camera. Similarly the ability of the camera to give you a clear picture of the obstacles that stand in your way in the dark also varies.

Using infrared technology reversing cameras can pick up images in the dark. If you want to enhance the capability of your camera to pick up clearer images in the dark, then you can purchase add-on infrared supplements for this purpose.


11nnnnThe monitor for reversing cameras typically ranges from a 3.5-inch screen to a 7-inch wide screen. Those reversing camera systems that incorporate the use of more than one camera will give you a split screen view of the images being captured by the different cameras placed at different locations. Hence you will be able to divide your screen to give you two, three or four views of the rear.

Full-color Camera

You will be able to find both black and white as well as full-color reversing cameras. Some cameras make use of CCD sensors and processors that produce an exceptionally clear image.

Reversing cameras are made using leds. Hence they have a very good low light performance. Most of the built in car reverse camera come with built-in microphones as well.